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4 Ways to Stay Efficient During Busy Season

It isn’t really about the number of things you do… It’s really about the efficiency in which you do them.

SoOo what if we could maximize efficiency, get more time, AND serve your clients at a WAY higher level…

Listen up sis, these 4 techniques will help you increase your efficiency all while allowing you to create your best work.

1. Short — focused work periods:

There was a study in a 2021 Forbes article covering the importance of a shorter 4 day-work-week and the overall wellness that comes along with working smarter and with shorter bursts of productivity. The reality is, it’s tricky to keep your attention on the same thing foreeevvverrrr. Because your creative work time is sacred — the best way to achieve this is to remove any-and-all distractions. First-things-first: schedule the most important creative work for a 1-3 hour sprint. Then go ahead and take a walk, move your body, grab a tea or do nothing. Once you get back to it, settle in for another 1-3 hour block. You’ll be amazed at the outcome and how much MORE enjoyment you’ll get out of creating, when you know there’s creative breaks in-between. This has been absolutely life changing.

2. When the body moves — the brain grooves.

Health really — is wealth and when the top priority is health, everything else follows. Steve Jobs had a favorite way to hold meetings with an employee, partner, or potential collaborator: He liked to walk, usually simply strolling around the company’s neighborhood or though the park. Make it a habit to do something for your health and the clarity, and creativity that follows – is a bonus.

3. Nature — mother natures reset

”If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” -Vincent Van Gogh

It’s so easy to sit in our boxes. Editing on our boxes. Driving in our boxes. We (as humans) are not meant to be in-boxes. We are organic, out-of-the-box, expansive beings and nature is the answer. Have you ever stood barefoot on the ground and felt the recharge? Google — earthing and the benefits will blow your mind. There is SO much expansion, vastness, and growth in nature. “Hello?!” It’s mother nature calling.

4. Challenge yourself by starting

We get it, sometimes the hardest part is actually starting. Set a timer for seven minutes and without any distractions start the project, more times than not after the seven minutes you will be so focused on what you are doing you will actually finish it. Option #2: When in doubt — doodle it out. Take a pencil or a pen and loosely start to draw on paper. Whatever and wherever your hand and mind wants to go. Let it go and Let it flow. Sooner or later you’ll start to find pictures in these “doodles”. This practice is called the “warming up to create – process” sometimes all it is, is starting. Who knows, maybe those “doodles” become your best creation EVER.

Cheers to efficiency!