How to, Marketing

a social media marketing plan for photographers that is heaven sent.

as entrepreneurs we like to overthink things and make it harder than it has to be — especially when it comes to social media. We’ve broken down a step by step action plan so you can connect with your dream clients without the burn out or overwhelm.


Create your content pillars — these are the topics that your ideal clients enjoy or want to know more about. Some examples could include: intro posts, behind the scenes, your photography work, your experience, etc.

Daily 60 minute game-plan (during your work week):

  1. Post to stories: this could be you editing photos, at your studio, at a session, drinking coffee, etc. — also use the instagram stickers and ask your audience yes/no questions, or questions, or a poll. 
    1. Once a week do a Q and A on stories and then save those to a highlight
    2. Once a week at minimum talk about your services (especially the ones you want to book more of)
  2. Post to instagram feed using 30 hashtags (you can post the hashtags in the caption or the comment
    1. Create a consistent schedule of when you are going to post on your feed — this could be once a week or as many as you want (do what works best for you)
    2. Every time somebody comments on your post — make sure you like it and comment back (as many as you can)
  3. Engage for the remaining 60 minutes
    1. Engage in the hashtags your ideal client is hanging out in. (this could be a little trial and error but you will find it) 
      1. Engage with their stories when applicable 
      2. Then go to their feed posts and like and comment on three posts
    2. Once a week engage with the people that already follow you 
      1. Engage with their stories when applicable 
      2. Then go to their feed posts and like and comment on three posts


  • Use 30 hashtags per post and use specific hashtags that include the state/location and your profession
  • Tag the location of the feed posts — The area and surrounding areas that you want to be found in. People search for service providers based on location 🙂 
  • Giveaways every 1 to 3 months and this could be smaller things like a cup of coffee or a discounted session, or free session (if you do a giveaway on facebook post it to instagram as well) 


Daily 20-60 minute gameplan (during your work week):

  1. Engage in your current local facebook groups when applicable 
  2. Search for new facebook groups (that your ideal client would be in) and then join
  3. If you post a giveaway on facebook, then post it to instagram too


Daily 20-60 minute gameplan (during your work week):

  1. Convert your pinterest account to a business account (if it’s not already) this way you can see all the metrics 
  2. Pin once a day (so whatever photo you post on instagram post that on pinterest. 
    1. The title of the pin will be keywords that your ideal client would be using to search for your content ex. “your location + type of session”
    2. The Description: describe the photo, what’s happening in it or what that session was like, the experience, describe the emotion. Then for the remaining word count add in keywords that your ideal client would be searching to find your content.
    3. Destination link: link to your website 
  3. Join Group Boards
    1. You can join by searching for group boards on pinterest or even searching for group boards on google 
    2. Then on each group board they have instructions on how to join and each one is a little different so follow the instructions provided
  4. Pin your work to your boards and the group boards
  5. Create boards on your pinterest account that your ideal client would also be searching for this could include: posing, style, types of sessions, weddings, bride, etc.
    1. Then for these boards in the descriptions this is where you want to talk about what each board contains and then also add keywords that are relevant to that board. 
  6. You could also make blog posts that answer questions your ideal clients have like “how to prep for my couples session” etc. then create a pin and add that to your pinterest account and link to that specific blog post


Think of social media as the invitation and your email list as the party — and your goal is to invite your people to your party. As a business owner we need to be able to connect with our people no matter what — and you can do just that when you cultivate and grow your email list. (decide how frequently you want to send these and commit to that schedule)

  1. Create a schedule that you can consistently do and then commit to it (this could be weekly, monthly, etc.)
  2. Some content ideas include: promos, upcoming events, travel schedule, posing tips, new blog posts, giveaways, etc.  

if you want to learn more about how to cultivate and grow your email list you are going to LOVE this blog post too.

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Happy marketing friend.