I’ve always been someone who notices the little things about people - your unique gifts, your style, your dreams and perspectives, the quirks that make you you. And creativity - art, colors, fonts, mood boards, fashion - has always been something that makes me me. Together, these passions led me to open my own design studio, supporting other creative entrepreneurs. I’m here to help you design not just a brand you love, but a life you love.

The founder and dreamer behind Seventh Made.

Hi, i'm christina

At Seventh Made, there’s no such thing as “just another client.” We invest in truly getting to know you, your business, your ideal client, and your vision, and tailor the process to your style (tips, tricks, and fun surprises included).

We know how overwhelming it can feel to take on a website or branding project, how it can sit on the backburner for months. But we also know it’s possible to bring ease and joy to the design process, work with someone who just gets your vision, and walk away with a website you’re proud to call your digital home and a weight lifted from your shoulders.

The world needs exactly what you’ve got. Let’s create a space where you can thrive.

Always cheering for you,

The Seventh Made Experience

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kind words


"Working with Christina was one of the best business decisions I’ve made thus far. There’s so much value beyond design that Christina offers. She has an intuitive sense of what looks best for YOU and your brand."


"Christina was incredible to work with- she truly made my vision come to life!!! she was so kind, responsive, and collaborative through the entire process. so grateful for her kindness, talent and work ethic and would work with her again in a heartbeat!"


"Love working with you! You are an excellent collaborator, I have always felt that you understand and hear what I’m trying to articulate and share with my audience. I love working with you. I am like a kid at Christmas. Watching my dream come to fruition."


"I was so impressed with her attention to detail, her passion for what she does, and her ability to make something out of nothing! I couldn’t have asked for a better designer and couldn’t’ have asked for a better experience!"