Anna Jean Showcase: Andi Elle

Andi was born in the city, raised in a small town and she’ll forever be torn between the two. While she can’t get enough of the artistic, eclectic energy of the city, the small town girl in her is still drawn to wide open spaces with a view. She just might bring a bit of city to it so that you know, you get the best of both worlds! 

She loves being able to use locations with meaning. Familiar places with familiar faces. The places her clients hearts feel the most alive. And to Andi, photography is: “The most fun filled way to show off your cool.”

Andi’s signature candid-creative-editorial style beautifully captures her clients in an authentic way, down to the last unique detail – and that coolness is clear in her stunning new website.

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Meet The Anna Jean Website Template

Andi was looking for a way to display her artwork in a way that felt authentic to her and with a style that stands out in edgy and cool way. She decided on the Anna Jean website template which features a grunge, editorial aesthetic and fun elements like, duct tape, sharpies, and eye-catching details. It was a perfect match.

In Her Words:

“LEAVING SOME LOVE BECAUSE I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE MY FIND. (Yes I have a template buying obsession). BUT only because I’ve never found the right fit. UNTIL I CAME HERE. I can’t believe HOW FUN and FITTING my template is (Anna Jean all the way because I’m extra and love to stand out in an edgy way). On top of that it’s super duper easy to work with following the instructional videos provided with your purchase (it even helps you blog you guys). My fave part: every blurb is pre written WITH ACTUAL WORDS to help you come up with your own copy in order to stay on brand with the template. Needless to say, I have finally found my home on the inter webs!”


From Template to Tailored

On the left, you can see the original template, and on the right, you can see how she brought Anna Jean to life with her stunning artwork. The result is a website that showcases her unique style, guides clients through the experience, and even includes pops of animation and illustrations to draw you in.