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Why We Love Showit Websites for Photographers

Choosing a platform is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your photography website. The design and copy bring your website to life, but the platform provides the foundation — which means the platform you choose will impact how customizable your site is, how easy it is to update and evolve, the user experience, and even how you show up in search results. That’s why we love Showit websites for photographers.

If you’ve ever tried other drag and drop website builders, you know the experience all too well. You try to drag a block, and suddenly literally everything on the page has moved, old school Word doc style. You make one tiny change and now somehow your image is on the wrong side and the text box shrank and the columns are uneven and you’re frantically hitting “undo” and praying to the design gods and doing deep breathing exercises to keep yourself from chucking your laptop out the window.

From Squarespace and Shopify to WordPress and Wix, there are plenty of options when it comes to website builders. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and a lot of the decision comes down to what features and capabilities are most important to you. The goal of this post isn’t to help you compare every option out there. Instead, we want to highlight some of the reasons we love ShowIt, why we think it’s the best choice for photographers, and why we chose it for both our own website and for all the website templates we design. (And no — this isn’t sponsored, we aren’t being paid to say this, we are just truly obsessed with this platform.)

What is Showit?

Showit is an easy to use drag and drop website builder that allows you to create the website of your dreams, stress-free. There’s absolutely no coding needed AND our favorite part is you can completely edit the desktop and mobile version of your site. 

With our Showit templates for photographers, you can:

  • Customize layouts
  • Easily add your colors, fonts, and logos
  • Adjust, swap, and add images
  • Add video
  • Rotate and move elements
  • Refine your SEO
  • Tweak icons, pop-ups, and animatiions
  • Edit mobile and desktop versions of your site
  • And so much more

Our 5 Favorite Things About Showit Websites for Photographers

Actual creative freedom

Creative entrepreneurs (like you!) have a unique vision for their websites – and while many builders claim to give you complete creative control, there are often limitations. Showit truly offers the widest array of design options that we’ve found without the need to custom code the entire site. You get the creative freedom of a professionally designed custom site but with a truly effortless process.

Easy user experience

Showit doesn’t require knowledge of HTML or coding, and the learning curve is crazy low for the amount of customization it offers. You won’t have to spend hours picking up a new skillset before you can add your own creative touches to our Showit templates — and if you ever get stuck, we provide step-by-step video tutorials that take out all the guesswork. You might actually have…fun…building your website?

Integrates with all your tools

A blog to showcase your work and expertise? Showit integrates seamlessly with WordPress. Using Flodesk for email marketing and funnels? Selling digital products with Shopify? Using Honeybook or ConvertKit for workflow? With a few clicks, you can easily integrate them right into your website for a smooth customer and experience and less work for you on the back end.

Edit and update yourself

Getting a custom website is great — until you want to add or edit and you have to pay a designer or developer to make every little change. Because Showit is so easy to use, you can build and tweak your website yourself as your brand and business evolve.

Great customer support

Not only do we provide great customer service, but you’ll also get another layer of amazing support with Showit. Their customer care is truly next level and it’s only a chat away. They also have extensive help articles, FAQs, and tutorials to quickly resolve issues and help you get the most out of your website.

Getting Started With Showit

Showit makes it so easy to get started with a 14-day free trial. Then, if you’re loving it, we recommend getting the subscription with a blog so you can have a website that works for you and is fully customizable. And the best part is you can also get one month free when you sign up for Showit with code: seventhmade.

When you choose a Seventh Made website template, we’ll provide everything you need to get started. We’ll show you how to get your domain connected, set up any integrations you need, and walk you through the customization process to make it your own.

Ready to get started? Browse our Showit website templates for photographers.