What certainty looks like and how to get there.

Creating a belief and certainty in yourself and in your business is broken down in 4 steps and can be achieved as fast as you’d like.

  1. POTENTIAL. Nothing stops potential faster than comparison…. You’ve got the idea, and you’ve got the talent within you. This is the time to remove anything that adds doubt to your mind — unfollow or mute anyone that makes you second guess yourself. You’ve got this!
  2. ACTION. Practice, Practice, Practice. and guess what? FAIL FASTER. The faster we make mistakes and learn from them. The faster we can take that data and do better the next time, so get out there, make mistakes and learn from them. You’ll want to focus on quantity over quality when it comes to action taking, don’t overthink it and just post.
  3. RESULTS. When you start to see those inquiries coming in and you actually see your business grow and gaining momentum. Nothing builds confidence, and certainty faster then when you start booking more clients or start selling more of your products/services. WOO- HOO!
  4. CERTAINTY/BELIEF. You are the only you. Nobody has the eyeballs, gifts, and talents that you have. And when you stay in the creative mindset and focus on your creations. You’ll build an unshakable belief that resonates to the core and brings more of your dream clients to you.
  5. REPEAT. The only source of knowledge is experience. When you’ve got the experience it becomes second nature and so natural you don’t even think for a moment whether or not what you’re doing is working or not. So the only thing to do is repeat the process.

    A few things to reflect on:
    – Analyze the data. Reflect on who you like working with and how you like to work? (couples, creatives, weddings)
    – How long do you like working? (set times on social media, start and end times, seasonal changes)
    – Raise your prices (With experience comes better compensation, and you deserve it!)

Believe it or not certainty is achieved in the mind first. Make the decision that starting today you have what it takes and you are enough.