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3 Reasons a Blog is Better than Social Media

Don’t get us wrong – we love social media. there’s a good chance we’ve chatted with a bunch of you in the DMs or comment section. It’s a great place to connect with clients and industry peers and find inspiration and showcase your work. 

but we don’t think it’s the only place your portfolio should live. A blog has way too many benefits you’d miss out on if you’re solely using social to share your art.


you own it💁‍♀️

look, at this point it feels like IG is never going to die, but rather just keep reincarnating as a slightly different version of every new app that comes out. but that’s what everyone thought about myspace mmmkay? when your brand is built on something someone else owns, you don’t actually own it. if their servers go down, if you get hacked, if you get put in instagram jail, your portfolio can all be gone and we don’t want that for you.

a blog is on a website you have nearly full control over, and it’s a much more reliable place to keep your portfolio for the long haul.

seo power💪

social posts have a limited lifespan. they only show up in-feed for a limited time, and once they’re buried a few scrolls down your own profile, they’re probably not generating much engagement or business.

blog posts, on the other hand, have the opportunity to age as beautifully as a jennifer aniston/j-lo/shakira hybrid. if you optimize them with keywords for search engines, they’ll only gain more website traffic over time. imagine someone is googling a venue they’re considering, and one of the first few search results is a showcase of a wedding you shot there years ago. that’s the power of a blog!

tell the full story✏️

if you’ve ever spent waaaayyy too long trying to decide which shots will make the cut for a social post or sneak peek, you know how impossible it can be to tell the full story with just a handful of photos.

a blog allows you the space to share not only the showstopper captures, but also the more subtle ones that round out the full experience of a session or day. plus, you can share vendors, relevant tips, and context that are sometimes tough to squeeze into a short caption.

this is the part where we tell you that of course all our templates come with a wordpress blog integration and of course it’s beautiful, seamless, and user-friendly. we took out all the guesswork also have a whole bunch of resources if you’re feeling lost on where to start when it comes to blogging. check out our full blogging guide here.