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Photography Showit Website Templates: Find Your Seventh Made Soulmate

They’re your perfect match. You could stare at them all day. They just have this way of drawing you in and making you feel inspired and empowered. We’re not talking about your Valentine — we’re talking about your Seventh Made soulmate. We’ll let you in on a little secret: our photography showit website templates aren’t designed randomly. They’re each inspired by a persona, a muse, a cool girl with her own specific vibe. We love them all equally, but they’re more than just collections of different fonts and colors and layouts.

When you’re swiping through a dating app, there may be lots of potential matches who catch your eye, but that doesn’t always mean they’re The One. In the same way, you might see photography showit website templates and think “wow, they’re stunning.” But it’s another thing to feel it, to know it’s the one that fits your photography, your business needs, and your aesthetic.

So, let’s get to know the inspiration behind each template a little better and help you find The One.

Meet Our Photography Showit Website Templates

Photography showit website template

Roman: a showit website template

featured aesthetic: bold, minimal, with a perfect pop of color

this website template might be for you if: you aren’t afraid of color and love doing creative — editorial shoots. You aren’t afraid to do things differently and get creative with clients during sessions. You find beauty in things that often get overlooked — you are our secondhand shopping angel that values the unique, one-of-a-kind piece. Your sessions include finding the most unlikely place like gas stations, laundromats, train stations, abandoned buildings, etc. to create art with your couples.

your theme song: Moon (it went like) by Kid Francescoli

Photography showit website template

Alfie: a showit website template

featured aesthetic: film inspired with a whimsical nostalgic vibe

this template might be for you if: you’re someone who has a film inspired edit and loves to be out and about adventuring through the mountains, desert, and fields. Your favorite mode of transportation is van life — your heart is wild and free and adventure awaits around every corner. Windows down, catching that breeze, and listening to your favorite music while you scout for new locations and meet your couples/clients at the most epic remote locations.

your theme song: Flowers by Miley Cyrus

Photography showit website template

Wild Nights: a showit website template

featured aesthetic: classic boho elements like arches, polaroids, and a warm color palette, but with a modern touch

this template might be for you if: you enjoy a little bit of everything – weddings, lifestyle, outdoor, indoor, etc. The Wild Nights template is for the adventurous photographer who isn’t afraid to go horseback riding, hike the mountains, and get dirty. When you travel, you opt for the cozy vibes of a cabin with modern touches. One of your personal touches is giving your clients/couples polaroids after your session. Your sessions are filled with laughter, dancing and lots of energy. You may or may not be wearing Carhartt right now.

your theme song: Lover by Taylor Swift

Photography showit website template

Frankie: a showit website template

featured aesthetic: edgy, moody, and playful

this template might be for you if: you’re into vintage records, love seeing live bands, and consider yourself an old soul. You prefer a gritty dive bar over a flashy club, and when you travel, you like to stay at boutique hotels/motels with character rather than a big chain hotel. Your style is eclectic and you’re super intentional with the pieces and decorations that you bring into your home.

your theme song: Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

Photography showit website template

Sienna: a showit website template

featured aesthetic: classic, fresh, and modern

this template might be for you if: you appreciate the finer things in life and you’re not afraid to say so. You love a luxury experience and don’t need an excuse to treat yourself. You appreciate clean lines, but you don’t need everything to be perfect — in fact, you prefer a little bit of character. Your wardrobe is filled with neutrals and timeless styles because there’s a reason certain things never go out of style.

your theme song
: Earned It by The Weeknd

Photography showit website template

Winston: a showit website template

featured aesthetic: editorial, timeless and features open spaces to let your work tell the story

this template might be for you if: you’re inspired by 90’s Vogue and nostalgia. Your dream vacation involves renting out an Italian villa to get some R&R and sipping an espresso while you gaze out at Lake Como.  You love all things modern vintage.

your theme song: Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles (but we call him Daddy around here)

Photography showit website template

Arcadia: a showit website template

featured aesthetic: bold and unique with a little drama

this template might be for you if:  you thrive on an ever changing environment and style. You’re always on the go. If there was ever a box, you would be outside of it, nowhere near it, and creating your own lane. Your clients/couples are ready for the unexpected and that’s what draws them to you.

your theme song: Electric Feel by MGMT

Still not sure which style fits your needs? Browse all of our photography website templates to find your perfect match!

Photography Showit Website Templates Photo Credit:

Roman website template: Natalie Gray Creative

Alfie website template: Annie Morgan Photography

Wild Nights website template: Brittan Photo

Frankie website template: Shayli Hone Photography

Sienna website template: Chelsea Gee Photography

Winston website template: Chelsea Gee Photography

Arcadia website template: Lucia Wallace Photo