Website Tips

5 borderline-lazy website wins

When you run your own biz, there’s a lot of pressure to do all.the.things. The socials and the networking, the workshops and the masterminds, the website and the presets and the mentorship and…it can be a LOT.

If you’re eager to make sure your website doesn’t get totally ignored in the mix, but also don’t have hours to commit to making that happen, we have 2 words for you:


If you prefer to work smarter, not harder, here are five totally achievable, borderline lazy ways to clean up your website in less than an hour.

  1. Choose 5 favorite images from the last few months to feature on your web pages or add to your portfolio. You can do more if you want, but don’t stress over picking the perfect ones or fall down a rabbit hole. Swapping some old photos for ones that reflect your current style and clientele is a great low-lift upgrade.
  2. Check for dead links. If you’ve taken down pages or switched up URLs, website visitors might land on the dreaded 404 Error pages – and broken links can ding you on SEO. Use a free tool like this one to check for them, then redirect any you find to a new page.
  3. Do a once-over on your copy. Is all your contact information still accurate? Are you still serving the same locations and types of clients? Are there any services you’ve added or removed this year? Any new destinations on your calendar? This isn’t a time for big revisions – just updating any glaring mistakes or changes.
  4. Add any new reviews or features. If your work has been featured on another website or you’ve received glowing reviews that never made it to your site, take a couple minutes to hit copy-paste and show off the amazing things you accomplished lately!
  5. Choose a new template. If updates aren’t cutting it and you’re ready to hit reset on your website altogether, our templates are the ultimate easy win. If you get the decision-making out of the way now, you’ll be ready to customize it and hit the ground running whenever you have a gap in your schedule.
  6. Bonus: okay, so this isn’t website related, but go into your email and unsubscribe from 5 email lists that you never open. ahh doesn’t that feel better?