Wild Nights Template: Son Photo and Film Co

When a girl from Kentucky and a boy from South Korea met at a college in the mountains, they never imagined they’d become best friends, fall in love, get married, and become a photographer + filmmaker duo — but that’s exactly what happened! Today, Yechan & Kenzie Son are the two halves of Indiana-based Son Photo & Film.

As a husband and wife (and parents to the cutest baby boy!), they know how it feels to wish you could pause time and hold onto a feeling forever. In their words, “Some moments are simply too powerful to rely on mere words or a faint memory alone – that’s why we’re passionate about preserving those once-in-a-lifetime moments on photo + film.”

So when it was time to bring their new branding to life, they wanted a website that captured the heart of who they are + their passion for narrating once-in-a-lifetime love stories.

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Meet the Wild Nights Template

The Sons were looking for a template that would showcase both their photography and videography work while staying true to their unique style, personality, and new branding. They found it in the Seventh Made Wild Nights template.

Wild Nights features classic boho elements like arches, polaroids, and a warm color palette, but with a modern touch. Animated text elements draw in visitors, and like all of our templates, it’s compatible with both photo and video content so potential clients can engage with a wide variety of work.

In Their Words

“We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to purchase a website template from Seventh Made. Their design work is so intentional and beautiful, and the formatting is ideal for a photographer’s website. We loved the base of the template while at the same time being able to customize it and make it our own for our brand. We have received so many compliments on our website since we launched this week! Not only is their design top tier, but so is the heart behind it all. They consistently encouraged us and supported us on Instagram long before we purchased a template and have done nothing but cheer us on since! Thank you Seventh Made for such a positive process the whole way through! — Son Photo & Film Co

From Template to Tailored

Using the tutorial videos, the Sons put their own unique touches on the template to reflect their brand, clients, and style.

On the left, you can see the original template, and on the right, you can see how they brought Wild Nights to life. Son Photo & Film Co customized their template so beautifully with their new logo, colors, words — and of course their stunningly romantic photos and film. The result is a website that draws you in, shares the heart of their work, and helps you get to know the kind souls behind the cameras.