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Find Your ‘From the Daisies x Seventh Made’ Website Template

Our newest website template collab with our friend Steph of From the Daisies just dropped, and the hype for this launch has been unreal. Like a piece of art at a gallery, sometimes you see a template and you immediately know “that’s the one.” But if you feel drawn to more than one, it can be hard to decide which one fits the vibe of your business. Here’s a deeper look at the three new ShowIt website templates and the inspiration behind each.

From the Daisies x Seventh Made Website Templates for Photographers

Anna Jean: A showit website template

Featured aesthetic: 90’s grunge, bold, editorial

This website template might be for you if: you consider yourself a grunge girlie with an editorial eye. You can take any location – whether it be a mattress on the side of the road that you drag to a field or an abandoned trailer and effortlessly capture your couples – and make ANYTHING look cool. Chances are you’ve taped a poster or 20 on your wall at some point and have attended Warped Tour. And we’re guessing your go-to shoes include Vans, Chucks, and Doc Martens. If you love showcasing your artwork with an editorial layout that adds hints of nostalgia, the Anna Jean template is for you.

Your theme song: Come as you Are – Nirvana

Georgie: A showit Website Template

Featured aesthetic: color pop, playful, editorial

This website template might be for you if: your love language is color and boldness is your personality trait. You have a keen eye for capturing unique and unconventional moments infusing your photos with an editorial flair. Your style embraces bold colors, unconventional poses, and is anything but ordinary. Your itinerary is filled with new experiences, unique AirBnBs, and visiting as many countries as possible. And that’s exactly why the Georgie template is perfect for you: she’s unexpected.

Your theme song: I Like You by Post Malone & Doja Cat

Parker: A showit website template

Featured aesthetic: chic, editorial, with a hint of grunge

This website template might be for you if: you think of yourself as a chic rebel with incredible taste. (We know you like the finer things and we do too.) Your style is the perfect blend of sophistication and gritty authenticity. You thrive in capturing the raw energy and unconventional locations like subway stations and alleyways — the more offbeat the better. You value providing a unique experience for your couples/clients and that’s exactly what you’ll get pairing your artwork with the Parker template.

Your theme song: Radio by Lana Del Rey

Meet Steph

Our friend Steph (@fromthedaisies) is a film and digital wedding photographer and a photography educator and mentor. Her beautiful, striking work is featured in all of the templates in our collab, and we partnered closely with her to create templates inspired by her unique editorial-meets-grunge aesthetic.

In her 10+ years building her business into what it is today, Steph learned the importance of a strong brand and that it takes more than photos to make that brand succeed. Her program, From the Daisies Education, is designed to give photographers the foundation of the strategies that have gotten her to where she is today, so they can find more success in their businesses, too. With a belief that you don’t have to compromise your brand or values in order to achieve success, their mission is to provide entrepreneurs with the education, community, and resources they need to create a life and business they love. (And the gorg Learn From the Daisies website is made with our Winston template!)