Georgie Template Showcase: crtvduo

When Hailey and Camden first met, they fell in love with each other AND photography. Universes collided, they got hitched, got a cat, moved across the country, and now work together as full-time photographers celebrating love stories across the globe as the Utah-based creative duo appropriately named crtvduo!

Their signature photojournalism-meets-creative-editorial style beautifully captures clients’ love in an authentic way, down to the last unique detail — and it’s clear in their stunning new website.

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Meet the Georgie Template

Hailey and Camden were looking for a template that would showcase their work and style while also being easy to use and customize. The Seventh Made x From The Daisies Georgie template was a perfect match.

Georgie features a playful, editorial aesthetic with pops of color and bold, eye-catching typeface. With subtle animations, an unexpected layout, and both photo and video capability, it’s perfect for capturing unique and unconventional moments.

In Their Words

“We just launched our new website using the Seventh Made x From The Daisies template Georgie. It was really fun and super easy to customize. ShowIt is such an easy platform to use, and how Seventh Made lays it out is even easier. The best thing about it is the blog setup is super easy! We couldn’t recommend any Seventh Made template more. They’re the best!” — crtvduo

From Template to Tailored in 2 Days

Using the tutorial videos, crtvduo put their own unique touches on the template to reflect their brand, clients, and style. Before purchasing the template, they got updated brand photos and used our Homepage Copywriting Guide to brainstorm copy for their website. When they got their template and started customizing, they had all the components they needed to hit the ground running. With just two days of focused work, they were able to complete their customization and go live with their new site.

On the left, you can see the original template, and on the right, you can see how they brought Georgie to life with their own colors, words, and stunning work. The result is a website that showcases their style, guides clients through the experience, and even includes pops of animation and video to draw you in.