Website Tips

how to cultivate and grow your email list.

Think of social media as the invitation and your email list as the party — and your goal is to invite your people to your party. As a business owner we need to be able to connect with our people no matter what — and you can do just that when you cultivate and grow your email list.

Social media is only a rented space, let’s own your list!

  1. CREATE A FREEBIE. When building your list you want to have an irresistible offer that entices action! (see our freebie below) 😉 a few great examples would be a style guide, a wedding day timeline, how to prep for your session, a posing guide, etc. have fun with this one, it’s all about testing to see what your people love.

  2. GIVEAWAY. This is one of our favorite ways to build a list FAST. If you’re a giver like us you’ll want to provide massive value that people won’t want to miss out on. Such giveaways include: Free Sessions, mentor sessions (if you’re in the education space) offer a preset download, even a star bucks gift card etc. (Cue the viral post)

  3. DISCOUNTED OFFER. This one is HUGE. Obviously your value is priceless and your clients know this, BUUUUUT what if you offered some type of a discount that would make their jaw drop. Think holidays (v-day, birthdays, anniversary etc. The possibilities are endless.

  4. SUBSCRIBE SECTION. Believe it or not, MOST people don’t add this to their website! (see our footer & subscribe to get the goods) this is the easiest and most common way to grow and get your people over to your list.

  5. TALK ABOUT IT. Listen, this may seem obvious, but sometimes we’ve got to gear something enough times to get it. Talk about how much value your people get by signing up to your list. Drop your link in stories, put in your bio, create a post about it. Super simple, and not talked about enough!

  6. START EMAILING YOUR PEOPLE REGULARLY. If you’ve heard of Seinfeld, think of your email as a Seinfeld episode. once a week, you can update your people on your life, even if it’s not exciting at the time. THEY WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. Include a call to action in every email and invite them into your world.

    We use an amazing email/landing page maker/ magic tool called Flodesk where you can create sequences/workflows/schedule emails and UGH it’s IN-CREDIBLE. Be sure to use our code: SEVENTHMADE and enjoy 50% off.