Website Tips

the benefits of a website template.

A website that resonates with your ideal client and reflects your style is closer than you think. You’re only a few days and a few creative touches away from a site you’re proud of with our easy to use showit website templates. (No computer science degree or Google spiraling required.)

There are a few things in this world that you can be certain of and one of them is change. Especially as entrepreneurs we adapt to change — now what if we told you that changing your website was easy and fun?!

Often times we see the standard website templates (like the ones on Squarespace) that are limiting and hard to change. You can’t adjust the photos, change the text, upload your fonts, adjust the spacing without being limited. As creatives it can be so frustrating when it comes time to make any updates so we often don’t and then we often hope and pray that nobody actually goes to our websites.

Enter the seventh made website templates that are created with YOU IN MIND. Each website template allows you to create a site that feels like you and stands out from the crowd.

if you’re waiting to have the website of your dreams because you think it has to be custom — we have the perfect solution for you.

the seventh made website templates give you that custom feel without the custom price tag. every template is strategically designed to guide your ideal client through your website while creating the excitement leading up to working with you.

Each page is packed with all the goodness you need to get started. Easily update one of our website template with your unique brand and start living out your dreams.

the templates are easy to use
• fully customizable
• built on a drag and drop platform
• easily update colors, add fonts, swap photos, and more
• add or subtract pages depending on your needs
• migrate your current blog or start a new one

If you’ve been putting your website on the back burner — this is your sign to update your website. You’re only a few days and a few creative touches away from a site you’re proud of with our easy to use showit website templates.

“I made the switch from squarespace over to showit and buying a template from you was honestly the best decision ever. I was able to create my custom site after years of trying to find the perfect template and spending money. Her template was the perfect tool to allow my vision to come to life – finally a site that feels like ME. The building process was such a breeze and Christina went above and beyond to help me with any issues and questions I had – she didn’t have to but she was so hands on and supportive throughout the entire process. I highly recommend buying one of her templates!” Jasmine Jeanette