Wild Nights Showcase Kendi Photos

Kendras love for photography began her junior year of high school – She took a class and bought her first camera, which eventually led to taking senior photos of her friends at OSU. Kendra found her passion in capturing love stories + the connection between two people and has been living her dream ever since! 

She has lived in Oregon her entire life and continues to draw so much inspiration in her work from the landscape around her.

When shes not taking photos, you can find her spending time with her favorite people, working on her running journey, attending Orangetheory classes, online shopping, or watching YouTube and Tik Tok. There’s nothing she loves more than a summer night at her local taphouse or winery! 

Her signature effortless documentary style beautifully captures clients’ authentic essence down to the last unique detail, and is now on full display in her stunning new website.

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Meet the Wild Nights Template

Kendra was looking for a template that fit her brand and was able to be customized easily with her branding and photos and when she found the Wild Nights website template, it was a perfect fit.

From classic boho elements like arches and polaroids to modern touches and bold layouts, Wild Nights is giving some serious adventurous meets warm fuzzies. Ideal for the photographer who isn’t afraid to hike, horseback, or get dirty, this website template will bring out the earthy, organic side of your photography – and with plenty of space for those fun, energetic moments to shine.

In Her Words

Aside from a beautiful template with all of the sections I need for my photography business, the resources provided to help set it up and launch my website were amazing. I am brand new to Showit, so the video tutorials helped me understand how to use the platform and set up my blog. I think it would have been pretty difficult to set up the WordPress integration without the Seventh Made guides and checklists. Wild Nights fit my brand so well and I was able to customize it easily with my branding and photos! — Kendra

From Template to Tailored

On the left, you can see the original template, and on the right, you can see how she brought Wild Nights to life with her own colors, words, and stunning work. The result is a website that showcases her style, guides clients through the experience, and even includes pops of animation and video to draw you in.